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Bad Idea: Duke’s Racist Fraternity Party


Here at COED, we have two types of readers: those that are in school and those who aren’t.

If you’re one of those readers who isn’t in college anymore, what do you miss the most? Is it the racist fraternity parties? And for those of you who are still in college, what is your favorite part? Is it the racist fraternity parties?

As you may have heard, especially if you go to Duke University, the school’s Kappa Sigma fraternity recently threw a “Kappa Sigma Asian Prime” party that many students — especially those who are members of the Asian Students Association — are deeming racist.

But don’t take my word for it. There’s plenty more to read in the Duke Chronicle — including how the fraternity in question has now been suspended by their national organization.

Come on, guys. Aren’t college parties already bad enough? With the underage drinking and the underage marijuana smoking and the underage cocaine snorting and the underage ecstasy swallowing and the underage nitrous inhaling? Do we really need to bring racist stereotypes into the mix?

Other cultures are not intended to be mocked; they’re intended to be appreciated. Like trying to have sex with a student from every continent by the end of the semester.

Okay, I’m being told that my sex idea is also racist.

Maybe you just shouldn’t go to college.

via Gawker

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