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Making A Movie Just For Yoda, Disney Might Be


When Disney won the rights to the Star Wars franchise, movie nerds thought their world had turned into a virtual wasteland where life could not be sustained by natural means, the air had become toxic and unbreathable and Jar Jar Binks would get his own movie. It turns out they were completely wrong (the first two will actually happen, thanks to global warming).

There’s a rumor floating around Tinseltown that Disney wants to give Master Yoda his own full-length epic as the first stand-alone Star Wars film.

This might just be a rumor but the chances are pretty good since we’re talking about Disney. They love making movies they can market into all sorts of toys and goodies and none are more sellable or huggable than dear, sweet Yoda. Some 20-hour a day sweatshop worker in China is probably building the Happy Meal toys for them as we speak.

via Film Drunk

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