Learn How To Make A Perfect Sazerac With Jeremy Shockey & Miss COED 2013 [VIDEO]

COED had a lot of adventures during our trip to New Orleans for Super Bowl weekend. We got Lolo Jones involved in a beignet eating contest and met a number of crazy characters.

One of the best moments, however, was heading over to Sylvain in New Orleans’ French Quarter and learning how to make a perfect Sazerac. Because when does knowing how to whip up a signature cocktail not come in handy.

Plus, you know you’re going to have fun when former Saint and Super Bowl champion Jeremy Shockey, Miss COED 2013 Megan Retzlaff and alcohol are all in the mix.

The video above does an impressive job of showing you the secrets to the Sazerac. It’s not all fun and games: this is a serious crash course how-to.

I didn’t get to try the Sylvain’s take on a New Orleans Sazerac but I’m sure Jeremy and┬áMegan could confirm that it was epic. Hopefully, you’ve learned to make yours the same way…

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