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Daily Six Pack: Rites of Passage, Rachelle Wilde & More [LINKS]


Growing up is getting harder and harder these days. The bands we used to listen to start to suck. Our driver’s license is no longer impressive to pull out when you get ID’ed. We’ve already voted for the president more than once. We’ve been legally drinking for WAY too long. And we’ve been thinking about actually wearing condoms during sex with girls we actually like. But did you know that in certain African tribes, you’d have to hunt a lion before you were considered a grown-up? The Maasai tribe got so good at it, that they actually had to stop and find new ways to call each other a man because the lion population around them dwindled to almost nothing. Yeah. Pretty bad ass considering all we do is go to a bar a drink a lot after we turn 21.

Check out the rest of today’s six pack below:

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