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You All Can’t Get Enough Of The Gangnam Style Pistachios Super Bowl Ad And Want To Watch It Over And Over, Right?? [VIDEO]


But on a serious note, pistachios are a good nut. Not as good as Brazil nuts… or filberts (aka hazelnuts for all you weirdos out there)… Or pecans. Pecans are great nuts. But just on their own. Not in desserts. I can’t stand candied pecans.

Pistachios also lose out to the walnut. Can’t beat a good walnut.

Oh, and don’t forget about macadamia nuts. Those are an exquisite Hawaiian treat.

So let’s review: pistachios are better than peanuts, cashews… they barely beat out almonds. But they do beat almonds. I guess that covers all the major nuts.

And the Gangnam Style commercial was totally lame.

  • COED Writer