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MLB Players Matt Cain & Evan Longoria Are All About Call of Duty


It’s no surprise that throughout the MLB season that players have got to keep themselves occupied during their traveling schedule all over the nation. While you might expect most professional sports players to have Madden, FIFA, or even MLB The Show as their game of choice, you’d be wrong. Call Of Duty is the player’s pick and seems like it’ll remain that way for awhile.

In preparation for the Black Ops 2 DLC release of the Revolution map pack, we got to talk to San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain and Tampa Bay Rays third basement Evan Longoria about their gaming habits, their favorite games, and the upcoming MLB season.

During the year every player’s got a different way to relax and cool down in between games. Here’s Evan and Matt on their gaming habits:

“I would say about 60% of the guys play some sort of videogames. Especially during the travel and off days during the season. We play the most though throughout the offseason and during spring training though. We’ve got to lock down and focus during the season sometimes.” – Evan Longoria

“I’ve always played videogames since I was in high school. The team and I play though out the year before and after games. It’s just a great way during the season and on the road to relax and get your mind off baseball for a bit. It’s kind of bad how much we play, but it’s a necessary evil.” – Matt Cain

Longoria, however, gets pretty intense during his matches. He takes it seriously enough to make sure that the public knows how he plays he so confident in his skills. Here’s his breakdown on his Call of Duty habits:

“I’m definitely a bare class player. I usually take just one assault rifle, usually the LSAT and go in without any secondary. I’ll pick one up during the start of the match. I usually just stack the first class of perks using the Greed modifier. I’ll switch it up per map, though.” – Evan Longoria

Matt Cain, though, is coming off arguably one of the best seasons ever from a MLB pitcher. He won the World Series, pitched a perfect game, won the All Star Game, and even had a “Matt Cain Day” presented to him in San Francisco. In response to this for the upcoming season:

“Listen we just have to take it one game at a time. As much as we are looking for a repeat, we just want to make sure we get to the post season first. There’s no more revolving door on our team of players. We’ve got the same set of guys coming back for the first time in awhile, so we’re looking to put our best effort on the field.” – Matt Cain

Either way, both players hit crunch time as the offseason is slowly ending and Spring Training starts up later this month. Even with the increased focus on baseball, both players are looking forward to getting some more Call of Duty matches in with their fans and friends and hope to see you all online very soon. Make sure you follow COD developer Treyarch on Twitter to see when you get your change to play with your favorite MLB players.

Check out the COD ‘Revolution’ DLC here! (It comes out on PS3 on the 28th.)

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