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DUI Suspect Starts Inhaling Whippets In The Middle Of A Police Chase


Kids, don’t do drugs.

Wait, check that. I’m fine with drugs. Just don’t do drugs while you’re in the middle of a police chase.

According to NBC Los Angeles, a man suspected of DUI led police on what was described as a “slow-speed pursuit” before pulling his car over and repeatedly filling and huffing balloons with nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas.

To be fair, at this point his car had already had been disabled by police, so he had nowhere to go, but as you can see in the video above, the suspect was still surrounded by officers with their guns drawn.

Eventually, “one of the officers fired a low-impact BB round into the car, striking him. Police then swarmed the vehicle. One officer smashed in the driver-side window, opened the door and pulled the man to the ground.”

The suspect, 24-year-old Jorge Leonardo Sanchez, was then brought into custody. No word on if he was laughing at the time.

via Nothing To Do With Arbroath

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