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See Her Tonight [Emma Bell On THE WALKING DEAD]


Emma Bell on The Walking Dead


Yes, the Super Bowl is what you and I are watching tonight. But if the game is a blow out or if you get tired of the announcers saying “Harbowl” for the trillionth time or Ray Lewis in general, change the channel to The Puppy Bowl because The Puppy Bowl is where it’s at. After that, why don’t you switch to AMC to gaze at the beauty that is Emma Bell who is featured in The Walking Dead marathon that’s going on all day. Emma plays Andrea’s little sister, Amy, in the 1st season until she becomes a zombie but yet is still more attractive than 97% of the population.

Miss Bell is a Jersey girl and is currently starring on the TNT drama Dallas. She has also been seen in the flicks Final Destination 5 and Frozen. Be sure to give her a follow and a shout out on Twitter @EmmaBell17.

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