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The NRA Continues To Nurture Its Bats–t Insane Image [PHOTOS]


There’s a legitimate debate to be had over how loose the rules should be to gun ownership and over what kinds of guns people should be allowed to own.

Unfortunately, the National Rifle Association has decided that if you don’t agree with their absolutist, unyielding position on gun rights, you both hate America and want the government to become a totalitarian dictatorship. This week, they went after several groups that enforce or financially support gun restrictions, including Boyz II Men and the Kansas City Royals. Do Boyz II Men or the Kansas City Royals strike you as groups that yearn for the police state? OK, maybe the Royals do – they’d do anything to be competitive again – but Boyz II Men sure as hell doesn’t. Neither do the Kansas City Chiefs or neurosurgeons.

We get it, if civilians can’t own guns, then the government can impose its will really easily. That’s the NRA’s go-to argument. But the government has tanks, drones, and a f-ck ton of weapons of mass destruction. Oh yeah, and a fleet of aircraft bombers, submarines and naval destroyers. Is the NRA proposing that Jed and Lurlene Murphy from Bozeman, Montana are going to stop a missile armed with VX gas fired from a B-52 stealth bomber with their assault rifles? Or is it proposing the Jed and Lurlene should get a couple F-22 Raptors to even the odds?

The NRA really outdid itself this week with its nuttiness. Here’s pictures of some of the people and groups they’re targeting, so you can see how ridiculous they’re being these days.

via The Week

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