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Charlize Theron: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTOS]


Charlize Theron dressed up like Justin Bieber this week, ostensibly as a goof, but we think she has an awesome ulterior motive.

And that would be to kill Justin Bieber. Think about it: she already had motive. She made a movie all about killing men, and Justin Bieber is Justin Bieber, which is motive enough for most people. With this costume, which makes her a dead-ringer for the Biebs, she can penetrate his mansion by tricking his incompetent Canadian security detail into thinking she’s him (and she could probably trick Selena Gomez as well), then she could hide in his bedroom and kill him in his sleep. And, looking like Justin Bieber, she could slip out of the mansion just as easily as she got in, and by the time anyone realizes what’s happened, she’s far far away.

And of course since no cops are also 13-year old girls, Charlize won’t be getting arrested for her courageous, though technically illegal, act.

So yes, this post is the woman who won the week, but because of what she’s about to do, she’s won the month, year, and era.

Here’s some photos of her without the Bieber costume on as well.

via TMZ

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