May The Force Be With This Gallery Of Star Wars Street Art [41 PHOTOS]

Star Wars has come a long way.

First, it was 2 amazing movies and 1 pretty decent movie. Then it was 2 amazing movies, 2 decent movies, 1 movie we kind of accepted just to get the whole thing over with, and 1 super stinky pile of dog sh*t.

Now soon it’s going to be 7 movies, being that it was just announced that J.J. Abrams has been tapped to direct the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. This also means the same guy will have directed both a Star Wars and Star Trek movie. Blasphemy! Oh yeah, and speaking of blasphemy, it’s now a Disney franchise.

But outside of just the movies, Star Wars has permeated our culture: action figures, TV shows, video games, theme park rides, other stuff.

It’s even permeated our street art, as these 41 photos show.

As J.J. Abram’s would say, it seems as if Star Wars will continue to live long and prosper. Because he is a franchise jumping sellout…

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