Drinking It At Work: Budweiser Black Crown

It’s Friday afternoon of Super Bowl weekend. Might as well get things started early and crack open a beer. Just don’t make it a Budweiser Black Crown if you know what’s good for you…

I decided to give this latest iteration of Budweiser a try and unfortunately, it’s everything that’s wrong with a big name beer.

Once again,¬†Anheuser-Busch is using the Super Bowl as a launch pad for another new (and might I add, unneeded) product. Now I’m not one of those beer snobs who’s going to pooh-pooh everything the big brewers make. I took some flak for including Miller High Life and Blue Moon in my Best Canned Beers article, but I stand by those decisions. Sometimes you just want a f**king beer, for lack of more gracious words.

However, Black Crown is not “just a f**king beer”: it’s a complete misfire. An amber mess that tastes like someone spilled something strange into your Budweiser.

Though the advertising blitz doesn’t strike until Sunday, you can most likely grab a Budweiser Black Crown at a store near you now, which is what I did.

Upon pouring into a pint glass, it looks nice, crisp and clean, but that’s were the positives stop. It’s carbonated like a seltzer, nearly exploding onto the tongue. The nose is bizarre. Tip of the hat to¬†Jason over at Beer Advocate who nailed it, describing the scent as “banana taffy.” Then comes the taste — a confused mix of caramel malts, beechwood aging and an unnecessary 6% ABV that leaves too much alcohol on the palate.

Confusingly, Black Crown tastes too much like a regular Budweiser to distinguish itself as anything other than a bad tasting version of Budweiser. “Who is this beer for?” is a question left painfully unanswered.

Moral of the story, make sure to warn your Super Bowl guests not to bring this by. Or even worse, don’t embarrass yourself by showing up at a Super Bowl party with a six-pack.

And with that, I’ll end my review. Here’s hoping your Super Bowl team doesn’t take a shellacking as bad as I just unleashed on Black Crown.

Find out more about Budweiser Black Crown on the Budweiser website.

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