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‘World of Warcraft’ Movie Has a Director, Will Finally Give ‘WoW’ Fans A Reason To Leave The House


The bad news: You knew this was coming. The good news: Uwe Boll is nowhere near this… yet.

British sci-fi filmmaker and Source Code director Duncan Jones will helm a big screen adaptation of the World of Warcraft video game.

This is far from a new idea. Hollywood has been planning to make a “WoW” movie since 2006 when Blizzard Entertainment brought Evil Dead and Spider-Man director Sam Raimi on board. Jones is actually an encouraging choice since he’s one of Hollywood’s youngest up-and-comers with a unique mind for fantasy and sci-fi stories. Also, his name isn’t Uwe Boll.

Personally, I’m just excited that a video game-based movie has a chance of being halfway good. Did I mention that the most encouraging reason is that Uwe Boll has nothing to do with it?

via Guardian

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