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Papa Johns Giving Away Free Pizzas To Everyone Who Correctly Guesses The Super Bowl Coin Toss


The Five Guys Burgers near me just went out of business. It had been open for less than a year. Yes, it was a big location, probably with super high rent, but the biggest problem seemed to be that it was never that busy. It also doesn’t help that another Five Guys opened about half a mile away. Five Guys seem to be popping up everywhere nowadays.

What’s this Five Guys tale have to do with Papa Johns?

Well, I remember when Papa John’s was in the same boat. Five Guys has proliferated based on the idea that they are a better fast food burger chain. I remember when I first had Papa Johns. I was visiting a friend who lived just outside of Washington DC and he ordered from this crazy place with poisonously good garlic dipping sauce.

As dumb kids, we typically just ordered shitty pies from Domino’s or Pizza Hut. But now here, here was a better delivery pizza.

I guess what I’m saying is that maybe in a few years Five Guys will do a Super Bowl promotion where everyone who picks the coin toss correctly will win a free Five Guys burger. Maybe my level of excite for that event will be about where my level of excitement is for this.

But hey, if you’re a broke college kid, you can’t turn down a free pizza, can you? You can enter Papa John’s free pizza coin toss contest here.

via Foodbeast

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