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2013’s Leaked Super Bowl Ads [VIDEOS]


You know what the worst part of Super Bowl commercials are? Having to watch them during the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is my opportunity to get drunk and get fat and pretend I know more about football than I actually do and repeatedly scream the phrase “Harbowl!” until someone kicks my drunk fat ignorant face in the teeth.

It drives me insane when people want to laugh at ads during a football competition. Chuckle on your own time, assholes!

Luckily, much like Christmas, it seems as if the Super Bowl starts earlier and earlier every year. Thanks to YouTube and “the Internet,” nearly half of Super Bowl XLII’s TV commercials will be leaked or teased online before the big game, according to the Huffington Post.

Finally, I can watch advertisements in my free time like I’ve always dreamed.

We’ve posted as many of the leaked Super Bowl commercials we could find below (including some lame “teasers” as well that technically aren’t really worth sh*t) so you can watch them before the big game and then spend your timeouts doing what’s important: DRINKING ALONE IN A CORNER.

And don’t even ask what we plan on doing during Beyonce‘s halftime show!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We apologize if some of these ads don’t actually run during the Super Bowl. We don’t run CBS so chill out!]

Taco Bell












Gildan (teaser)

MiO Fit (teaser)

Sketchers (teaser)

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