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Justin Bieber’s A Groper! [PHOTO]


We could sit here and analyze this photo or try to make funny comments about this TRAGIC EVENT but they say a picture is worth a thousand words so how many more words can one write about Justin Bieber touching boob?

All I can say is that if you find yourself being groped by Justin Bieber make sure to smack him on the top of the head and say, “BAD BIEBER!”

That’s the only way he’ll learn.

Or maybe he’ll never learn because FOX News (who I think supports groping, I’m not quite sure which side of this issue they’re on) reports that Bieber denies the grope even though the photo above was posted to his OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

This is so upsetting, I’m going to need a joint to calm me down. MAYBE I CAN ASK JUSTIN BIEBER TO HOOK ME UP SINCE HE SMOKES POT NOW.

via Gawker

COED Writer