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The Lonely Island Crew Is So Good, They Can Even Make Adam Levine Funny [VIDEO]


The Lonely Island guys are back with “YOLO,” a new song and a new music video.

Though they’re a bit late to the party on making fun of the most annoying phrase of 2012, their take on it’s probably better than every other parody of it combined. Kendrick Lamar and Adam Levine join the crew in this song, and while it seemed likely that KL would be funny with pretty much anything they gave him to work with, Adam Levine was a surprise. The Lonely Island guys wrote this annoying pop song with a painfully grating hook, so they knew they needed Levine to sing it. But Levine apparently is self-aware enough that he knew his music is grating as f-ck, and he plays that up on this song perfectly.

via YouTube

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