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Rachel Nichols: Time Traveler, Cop, Perfect Ten. [PHOTOS]


If you haven’t heard of Rachel Nichols, you must be new to this blog.

She was Miss COED back in 2008, and we’ve been paying attention ever since. Since then, she’s starred in the remake of “Star Trek,” in which J.J. Abrams cast her to be a hot bad-ass heroine. Apparently people besides us took note, for she’s now starring in SyFy’s new series, “Continuum,” now beginning its second season. Nichols plays Kiera, a cop who’s travelled 65 years back in time to stop a group of terrorists from altering the future for the worse.

And of course, the only way Kiera can stop criminals is by wearing a skin tight cyber-leather body suit. The entire time. Here’s some photos for you if you’re not already convinced.

COED Writer