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When You Get Mad At A Video Game, It Really Is The Stupid Controller’s Fault


Anyone who plays video games or looks at someone screaming at a TV screen while wondering to themselves, “Why do they play video games?” knows the level of hostility that games can produce. Games aren’t a total form of relaxation. They are a safe way of letting us access our inner neanderthals and fight for dominance at the virtual waterhole of life because hitting someone with a large log in a game of “Scrabble” isn’t just cheating — it’s also a felony. [Image via Shutterstock.]

Some games, of course, can feel more frustrating and infuriating than others but one study suggests that the games themselves may not be the contributing factor for our rising “rageometer.”

Mississippi State University (motto: Hey, at least you’re not in Alabama) researchers found that the type of controller used to play the game had more to do with the level of rage exhibited by the player. Surprisingly, it’s not the traditional controller that produces more rage. The motion based controllers such as those on the Nintendo Wii were more likely to make a player angry because of the immersive feeling it can produce.

To be fair, it may have a lot to do with the fact that the player just realized the Nintendo Wii went out of style two years ago and they could have bought a used PS3 or Xbox 360 instead.

The increase in rage, however, was only a small one. The study suggests that the rise in hostility is only “short lived.” That groaning sound you hear is Jack Thompson’s inner child learning that he won’t be able to come out and play one more time.

via Science Daily

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