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No Matter Who Wins The Super Bowl We All Lose Because There’s Going To Be A ‘Gangnam Style’ Ad For Pistachios


Just 10 more days until Super Bowl 47! It’s the first Super Bowl I’ve given up using Roman numerals for! The “Harbowl”! Har-dee-har-har, that’s a good one, reporters! We’ll never get sick of that!

But here’re two things we’re already sick of: “Gangnam Style” and overrated Super Bowl commercials. Obviously, someone has decided to top the latter by utilizing the former, because it has been announced that “Gangnam Style” rapper/dancer/seems-like-a-nice-guy-so-its-not-his-fault-we’re-sick-of-him Psy will be starring in a Super Bowl ad.

What, you ask, will Psy be selling? Pistachios, of course.

CNN reports, “Psy claims that he loves pistachios and that he looks good in green.”

First of all, thanks for the insight, CNN. Much appreciated! Second of all, UGH.

via CNN

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