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Froot Loops and Doughnuts Have Finally Joined Forces to Make the World a Better Place


I may be a fully formed adult with a variety of grown-up tastes for things like freshly ground Uzuri African blended coffee and lightly buttered Delmonico steak. However, I can still get giddy at the prospect of eating Froot Loops straight from the box or a big stack of freshly, fried doughnuts. So when I learned that someone found a way to put them together, I turned into a giant schoolgirl who just discovered orgasms at a One Direction concert.

Chef and “Ultimate Cake Off” host George Duran teamed up with pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse to create such a recipe that combines the doughy goodness of donuts with the fruity crunchiness of Froot Loops.

They did a whole more than just toss a handful of Toucan Sam’s sweet stuff and a couple of Krispy Kremes into a blender (which would have been our plan). They actually concocted a very clever recipe that incorporate cereal bits into the batter and the icing, basically turning these round pastries into giant, mutant Froot Loops.

Warning: Just watching the video qualifies you for a membership with the American Diabetes Association.

via Neatorama

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