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Daily Six Pack: Deadly Superstitions, Spring Breakers & More [LINKS]


Growing up, my grandmother would always tell me how if I left a hat on my bed, that I would get bad luck. To this day, any hat of mine never comes close to any kind of mattress whatsoever. I was a toddler when this superstition was instilled in me. And sure, I know it’s ridiculous now, but habits keep, right? Anyway, I was going through this list above and something hit me. Imagine if when I was a toddler, that every time I cut into a loaf of bread and there was a hole in the piece that someone I was around would die a horrible death. Because if I grew up in England instead of America, well, that’s just something I would have to believe. I would need years of therapy. Like every time I cut into bread, someone’s going to die!?! That’s just ridiculous, along with the 9 other superstitions.

Check out the rest of today’s six pack below:

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