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Eat Breakfast Like An Alcoholic Hipster With PBR Waffles


Waffles: they’re a staple of any awesome breakfast. Pabst Blue Ribbon: it’s a staple of any bar that’s trying to cater to the poor. Put together you have… well… PBR waffles.

Some dude over at the website Macheesmo must have had a floater he really didn’t want to waste, because the idea of making waffles with a can of cheap beer doesn’t seem that delicious. In fact, it sounds disgusting. And, not suprisingly, during the process your kitchen might “smell like a frat house.”

But I guess all it comes down to how the waffles taste. And according to the author, “It’s hands down the best basic waffle recipe I’ve ever used,” stating they’re “light and fluffy on the inside and crispy and delicious on the outside.”

So these aren’t your mother’s waffles. Unless of course your mother is a lowlife alcoholic. Then, unfortunately, these are your mother’s waffles. And I’m sorry. But it sounds like a great excuse to crack a beer in the morning, doesn’t it?

Just don’t forget the most important step…

Get the full recipe here.

via Foodbeast / images via Macheesmo

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