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Kate Upton Washes A Mercedes-Benz CLA In Slow-Mo Teaser For Official Super Bowl Commercial [VIDEO]


In our preview of Sexy Women You Can Expect To See In The Super Bowl Commercials 2013, we reported that Kate Upton would be appearing in a Mercedes-Benz ad. Unfortunately, though, that good news came with the stipulation from Mercedes-Benz CEO Steve Cannon that she wouldn’t be used as a “sex object” and that it would be an “upscale moment” from the German car manufacturer.

Really? Well then how can you describe this teaser?

It features Kate Upton doing absolutely nothing but being the object of desire for guys washing a car. Obviously this is the kind of stuff we’ve come to expect from Kate, but Mercedes-Benz shouldn’t have to bullsh*t us. Hiring Kate Upton for a commercial then not using her as a sex object is like buying a Maybach and not trolling for high-class hookers. That’s just a wasted investment.

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