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6 Sexy Women You Can Expect To See Staring in Super Bowl Commercials 2013 [PHOTOS]


Advertisers aren’t shelling out a record $3.8 million per 30-second commercial just to go unnoticed during Super Bowl XLVII, so some companies have guaranteed a strong male viewership by hiring some of the most beautiful women we know to star in their ads.

Football, hot chicks, and large corporations. Doesn’t get much more ‘Merica than that. Here are the women and ads you have to look forward to during the game’s breaks.

Kate Upton – Mercedes

There’s no shortage of attractive German women in the world, so it speaks volumes for Kate Upton’s success that she’s been hired by Mercedes Benz to star in their big Superbowl ad. According to the Mercedes CEO, though, she won’t be used as a “sex symbol.” Luckily, neither will her co-star Usher.

Bar Refaeli – Godaddy

Well-known for their Super Bowl commercials (and not much else), Godaddy has decided to bring Bar Refaeli into the mix to help them sell online domains. As far as we can tell, this will be the first time one of Bar’s ads airs on American television.

Danica Patrick – GoDaddy

Where there’s a GoDaddy commercial, your sure to find Danica Patrick. This year, she’s co-starring with Bar Refaeli in a spot called “The Perfect Date.”

Beyonce – Pepsi

All eyes will be on Beyonce and Pepsi during this year’s Super Bowl. Not only is the soda company sponsoring Beyonce’s halftime performance, they’ve also signed the pop star to two commercials — both of which will be debuting during the game.

Kaley Cuoco – Toyota

2012 was a very big year for The Big Bang Theory‘s star Kaley Cuoco. Not only is she in one of the most popular shows on television (we can’t understand it either), she’s inked deals to star in commercials for Priceline and Toyota. The Japanese car ads featuring the blonde will debut in Super Bowl XLVII.

Catrinel Menghia – FIAT

FIAT has announced that one of five overtly sexual ads could air during the Super Bowl, they just need to figure out which one. Obviously we’re hoping that Romanian model Catrinel Menghia will be somehow involved; in either her commercial from last year or a new one that featuring a scorpion climbing up her back.

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