Learn From This Dude: Ray Lewis [VIDEO]


Ray Lewis is bigger, faster, and stronger than you, and he’s probably a better dancer, too.

However, Ray has something to teach you by example, and we’re not referring to how to beat a murder rap…if we knew how to do that, we’d be too busy hiding Bieber’s body to write this.

What Ray can teach you is to never stop being awesome. He’s 37 years old – that’s grandpa age for a football player – yet he chooses to come on the field and outdance his teammates. If you’re working in an office, you can do the same: as you age, don’t let any of your coworkers think you’re losing a step. They go out for cocktails, you’re doing shots. They wear hawaiian shirts to casual friday, you show up dressed like 2 Chainz.

The same holds for Ray’s baby-naming habits: Raven, Ray Lewis III, Rayshan, Rayshad, and Diamond Desiree. Each one has a “Ray” sound in the name without being boring like how George Foreman named all his kids George.

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