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“Chasing The Saturdays:” The Only Other Thing On TV Worth Watching Tonight [PHOTOS]


A lot of people don’t like professional football.

Of those people, some drop their hatred and watch the championship games. And most of them watch the Superbowl. That’s hell for television networks that aren’t broadcasting the games. What can you show that people will actually watch? Hipsters aren’t watching football, but they’re also not watching your station; they’re busy chugging seasons on Netflix. E! has it figured out perfectly: they’re premiering their new series, “Chasing The Saturdays,” tonight at 10 P.M. Think about it — the AFC Championship game ends at around 9:45 P.M., and all those fans will be drunk and a bit rowdy. How best to wrangle them in to more tv watching? How about some hot, trashy British women.

We heard the five of them are some sort of music act like the Spice Girls. Good for them. Here’s why you’re going to watch it, even if you watch it on mute.

via E Online

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