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Scarlett Johansson On Broadway: Worth The Trip? [VIDEO]


Scarlett Johansson’s starring as Maggie The Cat in Tennessee Williams’s classic play “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof,” which opened this weekend on Broadway.

Our question is, is it worth traveling to New York City to see her live? Yeah, we can see her lookin’ hot in all her movies and endless photo shoots, but there’s something kind of fake about those. And you wouldn’t only be going to see ScarJo. You’d be in New York City…there’s plenty of other women there. If ScarJo is the reason you’re going, however, let’s look at a price comparison of a trip to New York City to see her on Broadway versus paying a makeup artist to put a custom-fitted ScarJo mask on your girlfriend for a night.

New York Trip

Flight- $200-500 depending on how far away you live and how soon you book the ticket.)

Hotels- $100 per night, minimum. NYC costs a lot more now that it’s safer. Plus you don’t want to bring her back to a youth hostel, on the off chance she wants to come back with you at all.

Ticket To Her Show- $96-214 depending on how much eye contact you want to make with her, you creepy prick.

Total- $396, at minimum, not counting the food you’ll need to eat.

Makeup Artist

Mask- $100-150. Anything more, and you’re getting ripped off.

Dinner and Wine- $60 to convince your girlfriend to wear the mask.

Total- $160 minimum. We have a winner.

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