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You’re Welcome: The Trailer For “Spring Breakers” Features Grown-Up Disney Channel Babes Being Hot And Violent [VIDEO + PHOTOS]


Usually, anything that used the phrase “Disney Channel stars” in its marketing campaign could make grown men cry blood. Now, it’s making them cry blood for a completely different and legally hotter reason.

Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hutchins and Rachel Korine star alongside James Franco in Spring Breakers, a dark crime comedy about four college chicks who go on a crime spree with a drug dealer played by James Franco.

So why should you be thanking us for posting a “Where Are They Now?” update on TV shows even most teenage girls found grating and annoying? As you’ll see by the trailer, the furious foursome spend the entire movie getting trashed and grinding with guys and guns in nothing but Spring Break style bikinis. There is no need to thank us a second time.

via Gawker

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