More Proof Alcohol Is Awesome: Vodka Saves Puppy’s Life [VIDEO]

Sure, alcohol can make our lives tolerable, but it can also bring back puppies from the brink of death.

According to the Huffington Post, the pup in question, “an American Staffordshire named Cleo, licked radiator fluid off spare car parts in a garage.” After being rushed to the vet, doc knew just what the puppy needed: vodka.

Cleo “was fed via drip through her nose and into her stomach [and] consumed more than a third of the bottle during her treatment.”

We heard a similar story last month about a New Zealand man who was given whiskey to cure his blindness. That guy was suffering from methanol poisoning — an active ingredient in most radiator fluids.

So, moral of the story: need a free drink? Give yourself some methanol poisoning and have a hospital pick up your tab.

via HuffPo

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