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How To Clip Your Fingernails In Space As Explained From Space [VIDEO]


Clipping your fingernails can be a real pain. But can you image how hard it must be to clip your nails in space? Or how about trying to clip your nails on psychedelic mushrooms?? Now go back to imagining how hard it must be to clip your nails in space because that’s what we have a video of.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield, who has already made a name for himself by recording music in space — as well as by being an astronaut, which ain’t easy to do — decided what the Internet really needs is a nail-clipping tutorial.

Turns out it’s pretty easy: you just aim your gross fingernail clippings towards a vent and then vacuum them up, like, whenever. Ah, bachelor life on the International Space Station.

At least it beats “breathing” in your own fingernail clippings. I’m guess that’s worse than a fish bone.

via Neatorama

  • COED Writer