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[18 PHOTOS] Miss New York Mallory Hytes Hagan Crowned Miss America 2013


On Saturday, January 14th, Mallory Hytes was crowned Miss America 2013. And even though she won under the banner of Miss New York, somehow the state of Alabama is being mentioned again. Mallory moved to Brooklyn a few years ago from the South with $1,000, two suitcases, and dreams of becoming an executive at a big-time executive at a cosmetics company.

So considering all the recent talk of pageants (Katherine Webb, Olivia Culpo, Nana Merriweather), you might be considering the difference between Miss USA and Miss America. Which is more famous? Which is more prestigious?

Generally speaking, Miss America is really the one you want to win. Miss USA and Miss Universe were created by Catalina Swimsuits (not related to any wine mixers) as a promotional tool whereas Miss America was meant to “provide personal and professional opportunities for young women to promote their voices in culture, politics and the community (source).” Also, Miss America has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

What both pageants have in common, though, is a swimsuit portion.

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