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Olivia Wilde: Giving Hope To Men Everywhere [PHOTOS]


When news broke that model/actress Olivia Wilde got engaged to comic actor Jason Sudeikis, average men the world over got a little teary.

That’s because Wilde is a 9.4 and Sudeikis is a 6, maybe a 7. Either way, the disparity is what we all strive for. If you’re a pimple-soaked 3, any 5 you can land is your Olivia Wilde, and you know it.

This also confirms the whole “chicks dig a sense of humor” rumor. She tweeted this last month: “Nothing puts a smile on my face like the love of my life dancing in a tracksuit and curly wig,” You see that? Be actually funny, and hot girls will want to see you naked. Or at least in a weird outfit. But cosplay’s cool too.

Finally, another lesson to be learned is that the best women to date are divorced women with no kids, like Wilde, who was married to some weird filmmaking prince before Sudeikis. They know exactly what they want, but their standards have been lowered, although not as much as if they had to catch a man who was cool hangin’ with another man’s kids.

Here’s some pictures of Olivia to help you understand what this means to average-looking men.

via Us Weekly

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