Saturday Night Music Fight [January 12, 2013]

Mike likes 70s music. Wyatt has more modern tastes. Both of these COED editors think they have what it takes to kick off your Saturday night.

Check out their picks and then vote for your favorite below.

Mike’s Pick

First off, Wyatt tipped his hand and revealed that he would be choosing a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony song, which I think is technically unfair, but anyway, I had to go for the gusto this time and pick an absolute classic from a big name group. Or even better, a lost version of an absolute classic featuring an almost-as-big name as a special guest. That’s a lotta intro… I went with the alternate, never-officially-released version of The Rolling Stones’ classic “Brown Sugar” that features Eric Clapton on slide guitar. Legend has it that it was recorded at Olympic Studios in London during a birthday party for Keith Richards. I don’t care when or why it was recorded… it’s an awesome alternate version of one of the better rock tunes of all time.

Wyatt’s Pick


Well considering that Mike wrote a better intro for this song than I could, I’m just going to let the gunshots every 15 seconds speak for me. But as an apology for not doing my job to the fullest, here’s an additional tune — a hipsterish remix of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s song “For The Love of Money.”

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