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Hayden Panettiere: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTOS]


Hayden Panettiere knows what she wants.

And that would be the 6’6″ Ukrainian boxer, Wlad Klitschko. They used to date, then she broke up with him, and because he’s Ukrainian, he blinked once, played some chess, and waited. Now, rumor has it they’re back together. He was seen dropping her off at the airport, and everyone knows that if you give a girl a ride to the airport, she shtooped you pretty unselfishly the night before. And probably once more in the morning. And before she got on her Flight of Shame, reporters asked her about it and she could only giggle. Yes, she’s blonde, so the giggling could mean anything.

But we’re proud of her. She probably dated some shorter dudes and realized, wow, I miss me some giant wang. It kind of reminds us of that lyric from 2Pac’s “All About You,” when Outlawz asks, “Is you sick from the d**k, or is it the flu?” At least in the sense that we believe that’s what Wlad asked when she called him up.

No matter what, she won the week because we love it when hot model/actresses know what they want and take it.

via TMZ

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