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The Biggest Kid on the Basketball Team Makes the Biggest Shot of the Game [VIDEO]


Life isn’t fair to the fat kids in phys-ed class. They have to endure endless taunts and tired jokes from the time they step foot in a shower room to the moment their wheezy frames flee the field. Coaches love to single them out to make their jobs seem purposeful. The uniforms hide their massive bodies the way a tablecloth hides the Rock of Gibraltar.

If you were one of the horizontally challenged kids in high school gym class (and I feel your pain), don’t fret. One of our blubbery brethren has finally gotten the glory these unappreciated athletes deserve. A junior high basketball church league features one of the greatest buzzer beaters we’ve seen on the Internet in a while.

This kid doesn’t just toss up a prayer and score a game winning 3-pointer from downtown; he actually tosses it over his head just as the buzzer sounds and sends the entire stadium into a rage-virus induced standing ovation that makes them question what their eyes have seen. The crowd’s reaction is so loud and massive that it completely blocks out the kid’s heavy breathing from having to exert so many muscles for so long.

Now that’s teamwork.

via Deadspin

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