Major League Soccer Appeals To Potheads With 4/20 Match Between Colorado And Seattle

Yesterday, the MLS released their 2013 schedule.

I know! Calm down, everyone! When will regular season conference champions Sporting KC and the San Jose Earthquakes finally get an opportunity to avenge their first round playoff losses???

Alright, I realize Major League Soccer isn’t that exciting. And apparently the MLS agrees because they’ve taken to a pretty sly publicity stunt for their 2013 season. Look which two teams match up on April 20th…

Yup. Recent marijuana legalization states Colorado and Washington will have a massive stoner soccer battle on the biggest (and technically only) stoner holiday of the year, 4/20 (though Thanksgiving also works as a pretty solid stoner holiday).

No word yet on what else might be done to promote the game. Maybe the first 420 fans through the gates get a one-hitter?

Or even better, maybe all players on both sides should be required to take a pre-game toke? The anticipated final score of 0 – 0 would prove once again that marijuana is not a performance enhancing drug.

via BuzzFeed

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