The MLB WAG Hall Of Fame: Inaugural Class [PHOTOS]

So the Baseball Hall of Fame decided to not elect anyone in 2013 — the first time this has happened in 17 years.

We’d be more upset except for the fact that it just so happens that we’re opening a Hall of Fame of our own; one that doesn’t look down on performance-enhancements. It’s called the MLB WAG Hall of Fame, and it’s a place where we celebrate the hottest women throughout time who have taken baseball WAG-dom to new heights.

Since the WAG HOF is in its inaugural year, we thought that we’d start out with class of 20. After some deliberation, the panel will add five more next January. Feel free to write in your nominees until then.

Jaime Edmondson (Currently dating Evan Longoria)

Who she is: NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleader, Playmate of the Month (January 2010), The Amazing Race (Season 13)

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: Jamie’s one of the few Playmates we can actually trust when it comes to talking sports.

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Misty May Treanor (Currently married to Matt Treanor)

Who she is: Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist (Beach Volleyball), the most successful women’s beach volleyball player ever

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: She’s hot and considerably more successful than her husband and/or most other human beings on the planet.

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Kate Upton (Currently dating Justin Verlander)

Who she is: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Model (2012), Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year (2011), Beach Bunny Swimwear model, “Cat Daddy” enthusiast, love of our life

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: Because she’s the biggest thing on the web.

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Shannon James (Used to date Hunter Pence)

Who she is: Playmate of the Month (May 2007), Hooters Calendar Model (2008, 2009), Instagram fanatic

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: On top of the fact that she’s a Playmate, her Instagram account is one that we can’t take our eyes off of.

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Karina Smirnoff (Used to be engaged to Brad Penny)

Who she is: Dancing With The Stars dancer, Five-Time US National Ballroom Dancing Champion

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: Because she was one of the best reasons to watch DWTS (short for Dancing With The Stars)… and then she went and posed nude for Playboy.

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Joanna Garcia (Currently married to Nick Swisher)

Who she is: Actress (Reba, Better With You, American Pie 2)

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: Because it’s no secret that ladies are obsessed with Nick Swisher. So if she’s capable of locking him down while he was living in NYC, then there’s gotta be something special about her.

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Alicia Rickter (Currently married to Mike Piazza)

Who she is: Playmate of the Month (October 1995), actress on shows like Baywatch: Hawaii and The Young and the Restless

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: If Alicia is able to find Mike Piazza attractive, she must be a master at uncovering inner beauty.

Larisa Fraser (Engaged to Ryan Braun)

Who she is: Perfect 10 Model, Model for brands like Frederick’s of Hollywood and Kohl’s

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: Because Perfect 10 Models will forever be held in high regard after watching that episode of Entourage.

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Rachel Reynolds (Married to David Dellucci)

Who she is: Price Is Right model/actress

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: Drew Carey announced her engagement on an episode of The Price Is Right. Not that I skipped work that day or anything. I just heard.

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Alyssa Milano (Used to date Brad Penny, Barry Zito, Carl Pavano)

Who she is: Child TV star-turned-adult TV star, B-movie queen

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: She’s been with enough MLB pitchers to start her own rotation!

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Diana Roberts (Married to Brian Roberts)

Who she is: Model and winner of the title of Miss FHM in 2006, former pharmaceutical rep

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: Rags to riches, baby.

Kate Hudson (Used to date Alex Rodriguez)

Who she is: Goldie Hawn’s daughter and, inscrutably, an Academy Award nominated actress

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: Because she’s still riding the success of that one good movie she was in over a decade ago. And nepotism.

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Anna Benson (Divorced from Kris Benson)

Who she is: Model who once named “baseball’s hottest wife”

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: She met Kris while dancing at an Atlanta strip club. Once told Howard Stern that if her husband ever cheated on her she would take revenge by sleeping with the entire Mets organization. ‘Nuff said.

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Marikym Hervieux (Used to date Russell Martin)

Who she is: French Canadian model, wannabe actress just like all models

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: Because the Hall of Fame needs some international diversity.

Halle Berry (Divorced from David Justice)

Who she is: The first and only African-American actress to win the Academy Award for Best Actress

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: For all of her accomplishment, Halle belongs in every Hall of Fame she’s eligible for. But most of all, she deserves to be honored for somehow spending over 4 years married to David Justice.

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Rima Fakih (Currently dating Ricky Romero)

Who she is: 2010 Miss USA, WWE Wrestler

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: She made it all the way from a small town in southern Lebanon to becoming Queen of the USA (or whatever Miss USA means). And then she went into the WWE ring. It’s the American Dream incarnate.

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Marilyn Monroe (Used to date Joe DiMaggio)

Who she is: The original blonde bombshell

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: You deserve to make the WAG Hall of Fame when bagging Joltin’ Joe isn’t anywhere near the top of your WAG resume. Marilyn was also a presidential-sized harlot who may have kept JFK relaxed enough to keep us out of nuclear war. Plus the whole air-under-the-skirt thing.

Scarlett Johansson (Used to date Derek Jeter)

Who she is: A-list Hollywood actress and Tony Award winner

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: I think we all know why ScarJo belongs here… she’s an 8-time Teen Choice Award nominee!

Lisa Dergen Podsednik (Married to Scott Podsednik)

Who she is: Sportscaster on FOX Sports Net, Playmate of the Month (July 1998), actress, TV host, former St. Pauli Girl

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: How many WAGs actually have a solid career in sports? Lisa is one of the rare few who have earned their sports stripes on both the sidelines and the bedroom.

Amber Seyer (Married to Barry Zito)

Who she is: Miss Missouri USA (2007)

Why she’s a Hall of Famer: Because Zito has a history with the ladies. So the fact she locked him up deserves something other than a hefty alimony payment if they ever get divorced.

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