Australia Puts The ‘Car’ Back In ‘Carnivore’ with the ‘Carbecue’

Mankind has made several valiant efforts to combine the awesome aromas of freshly smoked ribs and burning motor oil. So far, all it has produced are crude “MacGyver-esque” mock-ups of aluminum foil ovens tied to engine blocks with coat hangers that produce smoked meats with a distinctive aftertaste of Castrol GTX.

One group of enterprising Australians have finally produced a vehicle that carnivores and car lovers have been dreaming about in their deepest REM cycles. Australian radio host Merrick Watts unveiled his “Carbecue,” a mighty marvel mesh of automotive and meat cooking technology.

Watts took a classic 1973 Ford Langau and completely gutted the back seat and trunk space to make room for a full barbecue grill. He also gave the car a complete makeover by painting it burnt dark black to make it look just like one of the “Last of the VB Interceptors” from “Mad Max.” So technically, the “Carbecue” is the “Master Blaster” of cars (if the “Blaster” was a V8 beast and the midget “Master” was a meat smoker).

Check out some additional pics in the gallery below…

via With Leather

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