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10 Best Protest Signs Of All Time [PHOTOS]


Z Top Photo

It seems like there’s more protests each year these days.

And 2013 doesn’t seem like it’s going to buck the trend. There’s all those angry white Tea Party people. There’s 9/11 truther morons. There’s like seven civil wars going on in the Middle East. Oh yeah, and there’s that whole problem with income inequality getting ridiculously wide and the people at the top rigging the system to keep that inequality a spreadin’.

But we really don’t care about any of that. Well, we do, but we don’t care about the protests. Protesting rarely solves anything. However, we love it when clever people show up at protests with signs that either make fun of those who’re taking themselves too seriously at the protest, or are just damn funny. We’re cool with both, too. Here’s our ten favorite of those kind of protest signs of all time, so if you’re thinking about crashing a protest, follow their lead.

  • COED Writer