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Sofia Vergara: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTOS]


Every caring grandparent has taught their granddaughter the important lesson: “show a nip, get more hip”

Colombian bombshell Sofia Vergara‘s grandparents definitely taught her the Spanish equivalent…which must have involved violence. According to TMZ, Vergara tried to break up a fight that broke out next to her at the Miami club Story on New Year’s Eve. Someone knocked her down, and her dress went down the other way. Thankfully, everyone but her was hurt, including her way-too-lucky fiance, Nick Loeb, which makes us feel like we have a better chance with her.

So not only did Sofia try to break up a fight, she also showed some cleavage this week, reminding us how much we want to see that regularly. Can’t Modern Family move to HBO or something?

via TMZ

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