Here Are 5 Children Who Just Popped A Molly And Are Sweating… WOO [VIDEO]

Often times I have to turn to my younger cousins to keep me “in the know.” So when they told me that taking Molly was all the rage with kids today, I had no idea just how bad it really was. Unfortunately, it seems like Trinidad James’ song “All Gold Everything” is just making things worse. The world is so f*cked. [lead image via Shutterstock]

For the record, this is the video that started this meme. This is a meme right?

Popped a molly? Yep. She’s got a lot more where that came from.

Sweating? No, but she will be when her parents see what kind of nonsense she’s up to with her babysitters.

Popped a molly? I think so. That guy in the background definitely took more though.

Sweating? For sure.

Popped a molly? You can’t wear a shirt like that and not be rolling your face off.

Sweating? Not so much. Dudes like this don’t lose their cool in the club.

Popped a molly? Definitely. Kid’s so trashed he can’t even speak words. All he can say manage is “Wooo!”

Sweating? The lighting is too dark to tell but I’ll tell you what I’m sweating: that awesome dinosaur/giraffe in his hand.

Popped a molly? Maybe, although she seems pretty calm about the whole thing.

Sweating? No. Jesus, what I am doing with my life?

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