Sexy Superfans of the 2013 BCS Championship Game [PHOTOS]

Sexy Superfans Lead 2013

If you consider yourself a college football fan, it’s safe to assume that you’ve already checked out our in-depth look at the cheerleaders of the BCS Bowl Championship. Because there’s nothing like checking out all the non-sports-related-hoopla surrounding the biggest game of the year.┬áBut in all of our efforts to talk everything but actual football, there’s one aspect of the game we’ve failed to compare: the fans. Until now.

When you take into consideration all the hot Catholic girls who like Notre Dame and all the sexy Southerners who root for Alabama, you can be sure that this battle is going to fierce. Make sure to check out both of the team’s hottest fans and then vote for which team you like more in the poll at the bottom.



Notre Dame





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