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Our Bet For NFL MVP: Adrian Peterson [VIDEO]


Today’s the last day of the NFL regular season, and the MVP race is down to Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson.

We’re putting our money on Peterson, in part because of all of his nasty runs like in the video above, and in part because he’s had to overcome more.

Sure, Peyton had that whole debilitating neck injury that took him out for a year and slowed his throw. But Adrian has to play in Minneapolis in the winter. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he plays in a dome, but do you know how f**king cold every other aspect of your life in Minnesota is in the wintertime? The walk from the team bus to the stadium is enough to freeze your knees, which Adrian’s had a hard time keeping healthy for a full season.

We’re also tired of seeing quarterbacks win the MVP, especially in the recent pass-happy NFL. Running backs win games, hold on to leads, and let their defenses rest, so they can be just as important as QBs. Also, Adrian’s got a hotter girl.

via YouTube

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