Katherine Webb: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTO GALLERY]

How many beauty queens do you know who can hook you up with free Chik Fil-A?

If you answer more than one, that means you’re so drunk that you’re seeing Katherine Webb with double vision. The 23 year-old Miss Alabama and contender for Miss America this year is also a training director at the most addictive chicken corporation in the world. If that’s not awesome enough for you, you’re an idiot.

This week, news broke that Webb is now dating Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarren. And she went to Auburn. So yeah, it’s cool that she’s dating a younger dude because now we know she’s a dominatrix. The Auburn thing, however, is a bit fishy. Is she trying to take down McCarren right before the national championship game against Notre Dame? Who knows. We don’t. We just think she’s badass and foxy. Let’s just celebrate her choice to date a quarterback and her abs this week.

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