Even Comedians Can Be Parodied [VIDEO]

And who better to make fun of than the king himself, Louie CK?

The ADHD crew found a great angle, using the Peanuts universe and blending the personas of Charlie Brown and Louie. Lucy also works quite well as a haggard old woman who, in her prime naturally rejected Charlie Brown but now is on the fence because she’s getting more haggard by the day.

But the video does go on a bit long, or at least it feels that way because there’s a lack of strong punches as the video goes on. Just having Snoopy’s gravestone was flat, and Linus as a drug addict felt a bit cliche. We criticize, but it’s still definitely funny, and Louie, although really funny both onstage and on his show, still deserves a good occasional ribbing just like the rest of us.

via YouTube

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