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2012: The Year in Celebrity Cleavage [107 PHOTOS]


Who would have guessed that 2012 would be a better year than 2011 in terms of celebrity cleavage? “Anyone who saw ‘The Year In 2012 Sideboob‘” is the answer, but that’s besides the point.Long ago, female celebs like Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe realized that one way of getting media attention was by showing a little skin — but today’s fashion is much less stuffy than it’s ever been. Now it’s no big deal for someone a young woman like Ashley Benson or Kate Upton (please don’t think I’m comparing them to Liz or Marilyn) to go to a movie premiere in a pretty promiscuous dress. Or what a female celeb is going out on the town for a night? Are you really going to tell me that Rosie Jones is going to hide two best things going for her? No, of course not. This is 2012. And this is best cleavage we’ve seen this year.

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