The Jets Are Officially A Circus Side Show [VIDEO]

The Jets are taking the phrase “there’s no such thing as bad PR” a little too seriously. Most recently, they gave a Norwegian by the name of Havard Rugland (along with a handfull of other NFL teams) a tryout based on a viral video displaying trick kicks.

Is the video amazing? Yes. Absolutely. This guy kicks the sh*t out of the football. But if you’re excited about the prospect of a new punter, I think that you’re missing the point. As any Jets fan will tell you, the last thing the team needs right now is more attention. They get plenty of that already for sucking.

So while you should be happy that Havard is getting looks from NFL teams (don’t be a hater), it’s fair to say that this is one media stunt the Jets should try to stay away from.

via Daily Mail

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