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Celebrate Christmas Eve With A Christmas Song Recorded In Space On The International Space Station [MUSIC]


By now you’re probably sick of Christmas music. It’s all “jingle bells” this and “rockin’ around the Christmas” that. Sometimes it seems like there hasn’t been a cool new Christmas tune since the days of The Waitresses or Run DMC.

Well, try “Jewel in the Night” on for size. Yes, it’s traditional in sound and theme, but utterly modern in a few very important senses.

First, it was recorded by astronaut Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station and is a song he wrote specifically for the occasion. If that’s not cool enough for you, he recorded it yesterday — from space to your ears in under 24 hours.

In many ways, the holiday season is about reflection and gaining a renewed perspective on the years past and the time we have in the future. Few perspectives on our lives are as powerful as looking down on our tiny planet from the vast space surrounding it. It’s a view many of us will never have, but maybe this song can bring you one small step closer.

via Reddit

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