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Taylor Swift: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTO GALLERY]


When it comes to 22 year-old Taylor Swift, red is the opposite of white.

Her new album, “Red,” is a perfect metaphor for her step into adulthood, or at least a step away from innocence. And it seems like a lot of people were waiting for that step, seeing how it was number one on the Billboard Charts for a while and returned to number one this week. Call that a double-take from her fans: the first time “Red” hit number one was because most of her fans would have bought an album of the sound of her snorting ants for 33 minutes. Then word got around that she wasn’t acting like jailbait anymore and more fans bum-rushed iTunes and record stores. Yes, record stores – many of her fans are still in places that have heard of the internet but still only use it to forward emails about how Obama is a muslim socialist bent on using America’s Christmas trees to burn all the military hardware we have.

So welcome to adulthood, Taylor. And for that step and the ensuing success, we name you “Woman Who Won The Week.”

  • COED Writer